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Are you passionate about a greener world? There are numerous ways to support your passion with socially responsible conscious behavior regarding re cycling.

  1. Use more 100% recycled paper. Every tree matters...whether is toilet paper, paper towels, or even toilet paper...make the change in 2024.

  2. Is it compostable? What ever you are using, allow I'd dissolve back into the earth.

  3. Think globally and act locally. Are you separating your trash from cyclables in your home, on your job, or when you travel? Start today, and create a habit. The Planet needs all of us, and it takes a village!

  4. Is a program that supports and developes Sustainable Forestry Initiatives. Download the sight for all info regarding :Climate Change, Species recovery, Green jobs, teaching and learning about forests, community colaboration, and facts about SFI.

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Jan 06

I was introduced to Earth Day as a student of the Juilliard School living in a concrete jungle in NYC. Some friends and I went to Central Park that day and we all said “What IS THIS??!” The celebration was so beautiful… and the things that they spoke about are happening now to our planet…Climate change, pollution of our oceans and all those who live in it.? Electric cars and solar energy sources…now I live in Wisconsin and this is the second time that we have had snow…January 6, 2024. Everyone is talking about how weird the weather is…it’s not really weird, at all. It’s a consequence of neglecting our planet…now the planet is speaking.

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